Water Hose Vision
Nancy Alcorn | May, 18, 2015 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

God spoke to me years ago—27, 28 years ago— that if I would give and be a giver, not only would He meet my needs, but He would make sure the spirit of poverty stays off this ministry. How many of you have ever been to one of those Christian programs where the windows are broken, there are holes in the mattresses, they’re shabby, there are rats running around, it’s yucky? I told the Lord from the beginning, “If you are asking me to do this, I’m going to do it with excellence.” And He said, “I am calling you to do it with excellence, and your needs are going to be met through your giving, so don’t be a hoarder. When somebody wants to give to your ministry, you receive it. Even if its stuff you can’t use, you give it out to other ministries.”

God wants us to learn to be conduits, not just receivers. If He can get it through us, He will get it to us. Sometimes it’s tempting to think, “Well, I’ll just stick this new furniture that we were given in the warehouse in case we need it next year.” No. Somebody needs it today. We need to find who has a need and meet that need.

Some people don’t give because they are self-sufficient or prideful. They think, “I can take care of myself. I can do it myself.” In fact, when the Lord spoke to me to go to Louisiana and start Mercy, He said, “You are self-sufficient because you worked your way through school and you’ve always been able to pride yourself in the fact that you can take care of yourself. But I want to break that power, that self-sufficiency, so I’m going to make you go to Louisiana, and I’m requiring you not to get a job.” It would have been easier for me to go to work than for me to sit still, but God broke that self-sufficiency in me. There were times I would run out of food and would later go outside to find groceries on my porch that someone had left me. It was crazy the way God provided for me, but I’m never tempted now to think that He won’t provide, because He always does.

You know where hoarding comes from? It comes from fear. When fear hits you during a crisis, say “nuh-uh, devil–I’m not falling into this trap.” Fear causes hoarding and stops the flow of income and increase, and the cycle of poverty continues. Money is a weapon and a tool of God. If God gives me a bunch of money, and He tells me to give it away and I do, then it has no power over me. If I can walk away from that thing, I have mastered it.

God gave me a vision about this back in the early days of this ministry. He showed me a water hose, and He said, “If you open the faucet wide to let the water flow through the hose, as long as you let it keep flowing out, it’s going to keep coming. But if you ever get worried that the water supply might run out, and you put your hand over the mouth to keep what is inside the water hose, then the flow of provision is going to stop.”

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