Unconditional Love
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Before God told me to start Mercy Ministries, I worked for the government for eight years. During that time, I saw young girls spending a year locked up at a juvenile correctional facility.  At any one time, we would have three hundred girls ages 14-18. How would you like to have 300 angry, messed up, mixed up, hurting, acting out teenage girls on one campus? That was the system.


As I began to get to know those girls, and I began to read their case records, God started showing me that there’s always a why behind the what.  We shouldn’t judge people because we haven’t walked where they’ve walked.  We haven’t been where they have been.  In my pious, twenty-something-year- old way, I would start praying for the girls. Then one day, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Before we start praying for them, let’s talk about you.”  God started showing me that I was offended by their sin.  Some of them were easier to love than others, and I recognized that my love was conditional.  God started teaching me that if I was offended by their sin, or the way they looked, or the way they acted, they would sense that.  If I was offended by their sin, I could not be an effective conduit for the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to flow out.


There was one girl in particular who I had a really hard time loving. I said, “God, I want to love her unconditionally,” and He said, “Go read her case record.”  What I read was so horrific. I can’t even begin to tell you the awful things that this young girl had been through.  Her story was similar to that of a trafficking victim, except she had been abused by all those closest to her, people she should have been able to trust.   Abuse, abuse, and more abuse.  There was no reason for her to gravitate toward anyone except other females because every male in her life had horribly hurt her.


As I read, I heard the Spirit of God say this to me, “Nancy, if you had been born into that girl’s family, and you had lived under those conditions, you would have been just like her.”  I was convicted, but I sat there thinking, “I don’t have a clue how to reach these girls, and I’ve been put in this situation.”  God had to teach me. I had to let go of my pride and let God put me in alignment with His heart, His plans, His purposes, and His perspective.  I repented, I cried, and I wept. I came to the end of myself, and I recognized that my love could only go so far.

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