The Multiplication Factor
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God has told us in His Word that we are created in His image. He has told us that we are to be like Him, and He was the creator of the universe. He told us to be fruitful and multiply, and that doesn’t just mean having babies. It also means to bring increase to your life—not so that you can have more, but so that God can use you as a conduit to be a source of blessing to others.


We all want our needs to be met, and I’m sure God wants our needs to be met. But He also wants us to understand His principles about how to bring increase so we can meet the needs of others. I’m excited when I can pay all my bills and I have enough left to give to other people, but the most exciting thing to me is to really be able to give to make a difference in someone else’s life. There is no greater joy. And if you have never experienced that, I challenge you to begin to step out in faith and do some things just to get to experience what that feels like.


When I first became a Christian right before I turned 18, I had never been taught about tithing. And let me define what a tithe is. A tithe is 10%. I began to hear people talk about tithing, and I began to ask questions about what that was. I wanted to learn. When I became a Christian, I committed my life to Christ. I was told that if I was obedient to God’s word, I would be blessed. And I even found a scripture that said “obedience brings blessing, disobedience brings curse.” Why would I want to reenact a curse by not being a doer of God’s word? So I thought, okay, if I am going to do this Christian life then I need to do it 100%.


Some people look for loopholes to get out of tithing. But why wouldn’t we want to give? Freely we have received; now freely we need to give. God is the ultimate giver. John 3:16 says, “He gave His only son.” There is no greater seed He can sow but a child, and He gave His only son. Why? So that whosoever would believe in Him would have everlasting life. So God had one son. And He sowed His son as a seed. Now because of that one son, who He sowed as a seed, we are all sons and daughters of God. The law of multiplication kicks in when we have received Jesus Christ.


It is important to know whom you’re sowing to, and that you’re sowing into good ground. Make sure that the seed that you’re giving and the place that you’re giving to is worthy of your giving.This is not just about money; it’s about God commanding us to be fruitful and to multiply. Christy started out volunteering on our Development Team in 2004. We didn’t even have a Development person, but she saw the need, and she decided to come in and help. Six years later we have fourteen people in our Development Department. I wonder how many we’ll have six more years from now? There is a multiplication factor that is going on there. Increase is coming about, because one person decided to step up and sow some time. And now God is continuing to open so many doors for us to walk through and so many new homes to raise up that increase has been necessary. It’s a beautiful thing when God takes a small gift and multiplies it.


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