Not Forgotten
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My friend, Jane Hammond, has ministered at Mercy for over ten years. Jane is a bold person who does not sugarcoat the Gospel, and she loves to fight on the front lines for young girls who feel like they are the scum of the earth.

Several years ago, Jane was with us, and she called upon this young girl who had only been in the program two weeks. We didn’t know much about the girl, but we thought she might be a cutter because she wore long sleeves in the summertime. Well, Jane was ministering and said to the girl, “May I pray for you?” The girl went up to Jane but her expression read ‘God I dare you to do something for me.’ Jane, being a person with her eyes on God, began to speak over the girl.

Now, I was sitting there, and I got up on the edge of my chair thinking this ought to be interesting. I’d watched Jane minister for years, but it never got old seeing how God would reach as far as He needed to reach. He’s not moved by anything we’ve done, who we’ve done it with, our attitude, our demeanor, our stance, nothing.

The girl approached with this ‘I dare you to pray for me’ look, and Jane just met the girl where she was. Jane looked her right in the face and said, “I hear the Lord.” The girl dropped her head in shame. She was masked by this tough exterior that was trying to push God away before He could even work, but God kept pushing because He has yoke-destroying, bondage-breaking power.

Jane began to say, “God says to tell you that you are not forgotten,” and she kept saying it. “You are not forgotten. God says to tell you that you are not forgotten.” About this time, that tough little chick started sobbing and crumbled to the floor. At first, I didn’t understand why she had such a strong reaction. I knew that God would say that to anyone, but God is so personal. He knows us inside and out. Though Jane and I didn’t know, God knew that that little girl had deeply carved the word forgotten on the inside part of her arm. She had had numerous suicide attempts, a severe eating disorder, a history of sexual abuse, and many other issues, and she felt like God had totally forgotten her. That Word probably wouldn’t have meant much to me, but it was a Word that came from the very heart of God because He knew what was going to touch that girl.

Jane continued to speak into her life, and after we dismissed, the girl came running up, pulled up her sleeves, and said, “Did you know? Did they tell you about me?” I was amazed and said, “I didn’t even know that was there. You’re new. We didn’t know this was there.” Her life changed that day. From that moment, she began a deeply intimate relationship with God because she knew that God knew her.

See, when He said go proclaim liberty and freedom to the captives, He didn’t just say, “Go.” He said, “And as you go, I will go with you. And as you speak my Word, I will watch over my Word to perform it.” That’s a deal. We don’t have to do the healing. We just have to speak what God tells us to speak, and He’ll do the work. Jane spoke God’s word, and He did the work.

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