Nancy Alcorn Thanks Volunteers at Mercy
Nancy Alcorn | April, 13, 2011 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

According to Nancy Alcorn, those who donate their time to Mercy Ministries are true heroes! Heroes save lives. That is exactly what someone does when they serve at Mercy, says Nancy Alcorn. They are literally making the difference between life and death for countless young women. Thank you to all our faithful volunteers, adds Nancy Alcorn!

“When we first heard of Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries, we were instantly moved with compassion. Although we lived over 500 miles from the corporate office, we knew in our hearts that one day we’d be in a position to connect with Nancy Alcorn and contribute our time to Mercy. It’s not by chance that years later Marcos’ job relocated us to Nashville. We have since volunteered with Nancy Alcorn and Mercy at many events and serve on the community board. How could we not be a part of a biblically-based program that not only provides hope and healing, but truly transforms lives?” – Kelly & Marcos Harris

“Almost two years ago, I came to Mercy for a tour and loved it! I immediately knew I wanted to volunteer. The more I volunteered, the more I knew it was just where I needed to be. Although I am giving back to these young women, volunteering also gives me a peace about who I am in Christ. Mercy is an awesome place where everyone, including the volunteers, realizes they are loved no matter what their past may be.“ – Sara Ingram

“I have a very busy schedule and it is challenging to find the time to volunteer. Because I believe in what Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries are doing, I make the time. I know I am making a difference in the lives of these young women whether I am serving on the Community Board, heading up a team for the Run for Mercy 5K or speaking to the residents about wellness. That makes my time at Mercy worthwhile.” – Dr. Josh Axe

“I volunteer at Mercy Ministries because I love the heart of Nancy Alcorn and Mercy, I love the girls and Nancy Alcorn and I want to show them God’s love through my service. We have seen firsthand how nothing but a relationship with Christ can heal wounds, conquer addiction and restore families.” Emily West

“My wife and I believe in the mission of Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries, and the proof of its impact is in the healing that takes place in the lives of the girls who step through their doors. As a singer, I come in contact with so many young people who are battling eating disorders, poor self image, and abusive relationships. I’m so glad Mercy Ministries is in place so I have somewhere to direct these girls.” Matthew West

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