God Provides
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When I stepped out in faith 31 years ago to start Mercy Ministries, I didn’t get paid because there was no salary, so I sowed my time. God gave me specific instructions. He said, “I want you to start Mercy, and I don’t want you to charge the girls, because most of them can’t pay.” God has not only brought the right people to help me at Mercy, but He’s brought the finances to pay for those people to be able to have a salary. And you may think, “Well how come they’re not all volunteer?” Well the Bible says that a laborer is worthy of his hire. There is nothing wrong with someone getting paid.


You know, treatment centers charge you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 a day. When you run out of money or the insurance money runs out, you find out how weak those commercials are on TV that give you their 1-800 number on the front end. They tell you how much they love you. They tell you how much they care about you, but as soon as your insurance runs out or your money runs out, all of a sudden they can’t help you anymore, because they have to make that bed make money. That is the system in which they are set up on–a system to make money. It’s a business.


God showed me that for girls coming into our program, they need to know that our love for them is pure and that we aren’t trying to make money off their problems. God showed me that girls need to be able to trust us. Trust is important. And trust has been destroyed in a lot of these girls’ lives because of what they have been through. We don’t have any motive except to see these girls’ lives blessed.

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