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There’s something about this Messiah complex we can all get where we think we can sweep in and make everything okay.  No. We have to let God work because He goes to the heart of the matter.  In order to go to the heart of the matter, we have to speak His truth into the situation.  When I worked for the government, I began to see people the way God sees them.  I could see beyond their immediate pain, hurt, and grief and could believe in their potential. If they would be born again, they could get a revelation of Christ that they could be world changers, history makers, and daughters of the King doing great things for Him.  Though I could see that potential there, they would return to their old environments and their belief in a generational curse.


Damaged goods, reject, castaway, throwaway…the experts of the world would speak all these things over them, and they would believe it.  The girls would go home to the same environment they came from, and they would die of drug overdoses and gang fights or they might end up in the women’s prison.  Girls would take their own life before their eighteenth birthday because they believed they had no hope.  After working five years at the girls’ prison, God showed me, “I’ve taken five years of showing you angry teenage girls, now I’m taking you back in time, and I’m showing you why there’s so much anger. I’ll show you these little girls who are getting molested, used, abused, beaten, abandoned…this is the kind of stuff that those teenage girls came from.” I transferred to Nashville, TN and spent three years investigating child abuse cases in the inner city. After working for the government a total of eight years, I learned that God has not anointed the government to heal broken hearts and set people free.  He has called us to do it.


The Spirit of the Lord God is upon you and upon me because God has anointed us to heal broken hearts, set captives free, and proclaim liberty and freedom.  We don’t have to cry, “Lord save that person.”  Jesus died once for all.  He’s already paid the price for the freedom of every single human being, so what we have to do is go out and proclaim their liberty and freedom to them.  Jesus already paid the price.  Why are they living under the pain?  Why are they living under the load of sin?  Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost.  He is able to save to the uttermost.  He wants to put a new heart and spirit in them.  He wants to do for them like He did for the apostle Paul, have a face-to-face encounter with them where they surrender their life to Jesus Christ.  He takes their life, and He begins to transform them from the inside out and turn them into another person.  It does not happen through human reasoning.  It doesn’t happen through human wisdom.  It happens through a proclamation of the truth of God’s Word over their life.  This is why you need to speak God’s Word over your life.  As you speak it over your own life, you will begin to speak it over the lives of other people as you have opportunity.

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