Abundant Life
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Satan is the one that comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”  Abundant life is not identifying with who you used to be or what happened to you.  An abundant life is knowing that you are a new creation.  Old things have passed away, all things are new.  Forget the former things.  God says, “I’m doing a new thing in you.  Forget the fact that you’ve just been a passive church member sitting on the pew. Forget about that because I’m doing a new thing.  I’m giving you a voice.  I’m going to cause you to speak.  I’m going to cause you to proclaim liberty and freedom to the captives.  I’m going to cause you to get in the Word.  You’re going to speak the Word over yourself.”  Thank God for what it says in Psalm 103, “I have not dealt with you after your sin, nor have I rewarded you according to your iniquity.”

For Christians, part of our sin, and I’m putting myself in this category, is that we get comfortable. We’re redeemed.  We’re blessed, then we forget about all the people who aren’t blessed.  They need to hear us open up our mouths and tell them the truth because it’s the only truth that will set them free.

The day you were born again was an event.  You can mark it down.  Mine was August 9, 1972.  That was an event in my life where I was born again, but the transformation part of that event came after.  Transformation is a process.  I am still in it today and so are you.  We need to continually renew our minds to God’s Word because if we don’t, we will forget whose we are. We will forget who we are, and we will forget what we’re supposed to be doing on this Earth.

“Now I give you the keys to the kingdom.  And I’m calling you to go.  As you go, I will go with you, and as you speak my word, I will watch over my word to perform it.”  What do you want to see performed in the lives of people?  You want to see freedom.  You want to see them come to know Christ.  You want them to be transformed.  You plant them in the house of God where they will hear the truth.

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