All Things Have Become New

Nancy Alcorn, Uncategorized | February, 10, 2015 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

There’s a way we get rid of victim mentality–we renew our minds to God’s Word.  We don’t identify with who we used to be.  We don’t take a pill and call ourselves damaged goods and live the rest of our life trying to cope. The battle starts in the mind, and we have to renew [...]

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Non-Coincidental Blessings

Nancy Alcorn | January, 05, 2015 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

I started being obedient to God in the area of giving when I was a college student, and I’m just amazed at how my needs were met. I would write that first check to God, knowing I wasn’t going to have enough to live on that first month. But I would still go ahead and [...]

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Seed Time and Harvest

Nancy Alcorn | November, 13, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

Today I’m on a mission to give you practical examples in nature to help you understand a law and principle of God that works in the spiritual realm as well as the natural realm. In Genesis 1:26-28, God told Adam and Eve how to multiply mankind. He said “Let us make mankind in our image [...]

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The Seed Is In Itself

Uncategorized | October, 13, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of something called the law of first mention, but there are scriptural principles in the Word of God that we know are mentioned for the first time. They are foundational. For example, in Genesis 1:11, it says, “Then God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth [...]

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It Belongs to Him

Nancy Alcorn | September, 11, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

What I am going to share with you today is something that I incorporated into my life when I first became a Christian. I began to step out and do it, and God began to bring increase into my life. He showed me that His ways are higher. We don’t understand how sowing a seed [...]

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God Provides

Uncategorized | August, 13, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

When I stepped out in faith 31 years ago to start Mercy Ministries, I didn’t get paid because there was no salary, so I sowed my time. God gave me specific instructions. He said, “I want you to start Mercy, and I don’t want you to charge the girls, because most of them can’t pay.” [...]

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The Multiplication Factor

Uncategorized | July, 01, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

God has told us in His Word that we are created in His image. He has told us that we are to be like Him, and He was the creator of the universe. He told us to be fruitful and multiply, and that doesn’t just mean having babies. It also means to bring increase to [...]

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Uncategorized | May, 30, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

There’s something about this Messiah complex we can all get where we think we can sweep in and make everything okay.  No. We have to let God work because He goes to the heart of the matter.  In order to go to the heart of the matter, we have to speak His truth into the [...]

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Unconditional Love

Uncategorized | April, 02, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

Before God told me to start Mercy Ministries, I worked for the government for eight years. During that time, I saw young girls spending a year locked up at a juvenile correctional facility.  At any one time, we would have three hundred girls ages 14-18. How would you like to have 300 angry, messed up, [...]

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Uncategorized | February, 28, 2014 | by Nancy Alcorn 0 Comments

Everything starts with surrender–surrendering our heart and life to Jesus Christ and understanding that we are no longer our own.  We have been bought and paid for with the precious blood of Jesus.  The freeing part of our work at Mercy is that whether it’s an addiction, sexual abuse, eating disorders, cutting, struggling with finances [...]

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